Integrated Marketing Strategy Is The Future For Business

Although both offline and online marketing have proven their worth and effectiveness, we believe the best marketing strategy is one that is a marriage of both, not just one.
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Kudzu Brands Proud to be Named a Top Branding Agency by Clutch

Here at Kudzu Brands, we know it can be tricky to balance high impact branding while staying intact in today’s harsh economy. That’s why we’re here to help! We’re the most comprehensive brand development and management firm in Western North Carolina....
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Promotional Products for Branding

Getting your brand into your clients’ hands with promotional products One of the concepts we talk about frequently with our clients at Kudzu Brands is the idea of seeing your brand everywhere. Not only do we mean all over the internet with social media...
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Facebook Algorithms and Successful Content in 2020

If you do any kind of social media marketing, you’ve probably heard about the mighty “Facebook algorithm”. Have the jeepers yet? We understand. It’s easy to avoid this like the plague, since the word ‘algorithm’ implies something unnecessarily...
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Your 2020 Business Planning Checklist

2020 has finally arrived and it’s time to step into the new year with a plan to give your business its best year yet! The best way to ensure that things are going to go up for you (meaning marketing awareness, sales, positive reviews, etc.) is to start...
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The Power of Branding and Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Every Fall, the shelves of just about every grocery store are lined with pumpkin spice-themed products, from latte mixes to air fresheners to lotions and far beyond. Pumpkin pie spice, as it was originally called, was meant for pie and pie alone. It’s...
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