How to Craft a Great Instagram Post

by Leah Middleton, Brand Manager at Kudzu Brands


Instagram Feed

A selection of images from Leah’s Instagram Profile. Being mindful of your feed’s overall aesthetic will help unify your posts.


Why Worry?

When it comes to Instagram, crafting a great post is more important today than it was when Instagram’s app first became popular. Back in the day, Instagram’s algorithm posted users’ images in chronological order. Users weren’t worried that their posts would be missed on a follower’s feed. Now, Instagram has changed the game. Users’ feeds are comprised of posts that they actually care about based on their engagement. What does this mean for businesses using Instagram? What is the golden rule when crafting a “great” Instagram post?

Post something people care about.

This could mean many different things based on your targeted follower. If you’re targeting new moms, they’re going to care about advice to help prepare them for their new baby. If you’re targeting healthy food bloggers, they’re going to care about the healthiest breakfast recipe. Finding out the specific details of your targeted follower will help you craft a great Instagram post.

But, there are other tips to remember when creating content. Let’s work our way down the Instagram post, starting with a picture.


Picture Perfect

There’s a rule of thumb that you have only 6 seconds to catch someone’s attention and make a positive impact. This is where your photo comes into play. Your posts need to catch your followers’ attention.

When you’re getting ready to take a photo, bear in mind your feed’s intended aesthetic. Whether you want your followers to feel happy and upbeat, or emotional and moody, your aesthetic will help determine the overall color theme and look of your feed. Allow the feel you’re trying to create to guide you as you’re creating content. Does your image suit the current theme you have established? Does it go with the flow of your feed? Asking these questions will ensure that you stay consistent throughout your feed, which will then be more naturally appealing to the eye.


Taking a great picture is an opportunity to get creative and have fun. Play around with different flatlays or subject matters. Don’t be afraid to collaborate with another business owner within your industry. Collaborating with someone in your community will give you an opportunity to have fun and create fresh content together.


Get Personal

Whether you’re a good writer or not, writing a caption doesn’t have to be complicated.

Think of the caption as another opportunity to get personal with your followers and tell your story. Get to know who they are and what your service or product can do for them. It opens the door to create a relationship with your followers.


If you have a personal story to why you started your business, or what your product or service did for you personally, share that with them. It allows your followers to view you as an expert in your business, and give them the opportunity to trust you.



Instagram Post Example

Hashtags and captions are great ways to ensure your post finds its way to targeted Instagram followers.

Hashtag It

A hashtag is what a lot of users use to bring awareness to their post by using a specific hashtag that their followers or other businesses within their industry use. This is a great chance to get your post noticed by users who don’t currently follow you to see your content and engage. By using a specific hashtag, you are saying that the post resonates with that hashtag and is also relevant.

Much like SEO researching, it’s a continuous test of what works versus what doesn’t work. Research hashtags by following other accounts within your industry to see what they’re using. Try using Instagram’s Explore page. Pay close attention to who is interacting with those hashtags and decide whether they are a good fit for your content. Your goal is to increase your feed’s reach. Once you have a list of hashtags to use (Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post), give them a try and see what kind of engagement you receive.


Now Click Post!

The next time you’re crafting your Instagram post, try out these tips. But most importantly, remember one thing:

Post with purpose.


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