Kudzu owners, Heather Johnson and Murphy Funkhouser Capps, were featured on Western Carolina Business Today’s show about women in business.

In this show, we get to learn about the beginnings of Kudzu Brands. Murphy and her husband, Kenny, were inspired to begin Kudzu Brands when they decided that they were ready to embark on a different, more creative, entrepreneurial path. She goes into detail about what the initial phase was like and goes through the journey that the company took to get to where it is today.

Heather jumps in to tell her own story and why she was inspired to join on with Kudzu Brands as partner and COO. She heard from Kenny, who was a friend, that Murphy was seeking someone to help her with her business. When the two women met, they hit it off immediately and now successfully run the business together.

They go into depth about who Kudzu Brands is and what they do, and explain that it’s truly about long-term partnerships with clients. The goal is to develop beautiful and successful brands for small businesses and then continue to support and manage their marketing to make sure that they grow in the market.

We also get to hear about what it’s like to be a 100% female-owned business. Heather and Murphy have found that there are many challenges with how they are seen in the industry, but also great reward. There is openness amongst women in terms of being able to ask for help and work through issues because they can be honest and compassionate with one another. They believe that this leads to a much more fulfilling and nourishing work environment.

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