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As a non-profit, you know that marketing often comes second to all of the other administrative things you need to do such as writing grants, communicating with donors, and building up your board. However, you also know an effective marketing strategy is necessary to accomplish some of your key strategic goals!

Good marketing provides the exposure that your nonprofit needs to create strong awareness in the community about your unique mission. The greater your market awareness and following, the easier it will be to reach fundraising goals and generate a large support system to help proliferate your cause in the community.

As a branding agency that has supported the growth of many local and regional non-profits, we know a thing or two about the unique marketing challenges organizations like yours face every day!

Here are some tips and tricks for getting your non-profit noticed in the market!

How To Get Noticed in the Market

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Find Your Niche

It’s likely that you created your organization around a specific audience for a specific cause. However, to be truly successful, it is critical that you also understand your niche. What does your organization uniquely do that no one else does? For example, if you provide resources for the homeless, do you do it faster than other non-profits? Do you have a proven system or process? Do you serve specifically women and children? Knowing your niche and how you uniquely fill it will give donors and volunteers increased confidence that you are uniquely aligned with their passions and interests. 

Stand Out

If you are competing against other non-profits with similar visions, it’s more important than ever to stand out! The best place to start is by working with a branding agency to design a beautiful and memorable logo with a tagline that effectively reflects and communicates your organizational personality and mission. After that, everything you create for your organization from print advertisements to social media graphics should be presented consistently in the same color palette and tone in order to effectively imprint your brand in the minds and hearts of your target audience.

Tell Your Story

More-so than businesses, non-profits need to effectively communicate their story, cause and impact. Your success depends on making an emotional impact and on instilling confidence in your donors and board. We recommend working with a branding agency to craft a bank of communications language that outlines your About Us, Mission, Vision, Audience, Services and Unique Market Position. This document should be distributed throughout your organization and trainings held to ensure everyone, from your staff to your board, are telling the same story!

Be Consistent

Putting your brand in the market effectively is all about consistency! A branding agency can help you determine a plan of action and timeline to achieve this, including social media marketing strategies, digital and print ad ideas, events, and much more. However, be sure that the partner you choose always keeps your budget and resources in mind. 

Let Kudzu Take Over

Investing in a branding agency is all about getting a team of experts behind you. Once your brand has been designed and your marketing strategy is in place, it needs to be protected and managed. Knowing that you have a partner on your side that is growing your organization right beside you is one of the best investments you can make in your growing non-profit! 

If you are a non-profit that’s ready to make your impact, we are ready to support you in becoming established and well-known in your market. We are a full-service brand and marketing agency that has helped hundreds of growing businesses and organizations tell their story and make an impact in their community. Contact Kudzu Brands today!