Successful Email Marketing 101

As a business owner, you know how important it is to implement top-notch marketing tactics for business growth. It’s necessary to stay on top of the game and use what’s current or most impactful for your industry, whether that’s social media, billboards...
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The Psychology of Color

Color is known to have an enormous effect on what products people choose and how they feel about a brand upon first glance. Individual reactions to color usually depend on personal experience, but there are certain patterns and methods for making smart...
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Decoding Typography

A font is just a font. You should just choose the one that looks the nicest, right? Nope. Choosing the typography for your logo, tagline, brochure, or any other marketing pieces for your business is a critical process-one that can mean the difference...
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Brand Refreshes by Kudzu Brands

Refreshing Your Brand Brands need to evolve and be “refreshed” to stay relevant. It is challenging to convince a consumer that you bring value or that you are staying up with the trends or adhering to the latest technologies when you have...
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Manufacturing a Great Brand

Great Brands Build Great Companies If you are an established manufacturing firm, chances are, you expect your product or your innovations to speak for themselves to grow and build your company. So, when sales are slow or a new competitor comes into the...
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Beach Hensley Homes Case Study

Beach Hensley Homes rebranded from Beach Builders Inc. Beach and Lindsay Hensley approached us to develop a brand that showcased their fixed-price green homes and could compete regionally for years to come. Winners of Asheville Home Builder Association’s...
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