Wine bottles with manufactured yellow labels.Manufacturing companies often fall into the left-brained category. For good reason, almost all of their energy and focus goes toward engineering and manufacturing a great product – One that works well and solves a technical problem. Given that this is the most important aspect of this industry, sometimes one of the most crucial parts of boosting their business is overlooked…their branding.

The truth is, even if your product is unique, the manufacturing market is highly competitive and saturated. While you may have done well by word of mouth 50 years ago, effective company branding will play a vital role during this day in age.

It might be time to take a look under the hood of the company’s brand and ask, “Is it clearly portraying why my product or service is unique? Does it appeal to the people who want to purchase my product? Is it engaging my customers and catalyzing new sales?” If you cannot confidently answer yes, it may be time to take your business into the shop for a rebrand.

Why You Might Need to Hire Someone

A branding or re-branding process could be your answer to getting ahead in the game. At the end of the day, the results you’re looking for are more sales and greater brand awareness amongst your audience.

Most manufacturing companies have a marketing department that is probably capable and talented professionals who can communicate with your customers and potential clients very well. For a company that is producing a high volume of products, the team is likely focused on the internal world of the business. This would include streamlining your process, researching what types of products the market needs and how to create the highest quality items, and determining what makes your product one of a kind.

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As a result, your marketing department might not be looking outwardly and study the market, the competition, and the market trends. A rebrand requires the ability to see your own company without prior bias. From a neutral vantage point, you can clearly observe where you sit in the market.

This is why hiring someone might be your best bet. For most CEOs and company owners, it’s almost impossible to see their own company objectively. This may also be the case for your marketing department. A professional branding firm, on the other hand, is a great way to address this problem. They have the ability to see your manufacturing company as a whole and to provide an outsider’s perspective on what makes you unique and what market position you could take to become or remain competitive.

The Rebranding Process

When partnering with a branding agency, they should take your company through the following steps:

The Discovery Process

This strategic process will identify what makes your company unique, your competitive advantage, and how you can deliver on that Unique Selling Proposition (USP) effectively. The brand strategist should identify your brand tone and personality, including how you want to make your customers feel and respond when they see your materials, view your logo, website, or hear your story. They should also inquire about your key selling features, define your competitive advantage, and clearly understand your target audience.

Brand Language & Strategy

Once you’ve gone through a brand discovery process, you are ready to start shaping your marketing message. Your brand agency should partner with you to craft appropriate language that will be used to tell your story effectively and improve the impact of your sales materials. By having a firm and clear brand, your advertising will demonstrate consistency in the market and grow customer awareness of your business. A strategic marketing plan should also be created to identify where your language will best reach your targeted markets.

Focus Groups

For further insight, your branding agency might want to conduct focus groups and customer, vendor and staff interviews, which can bring great clarity to how the market perceives you and where you can make improvements. You can also use this process to understand how to shift your company culture in a way that appeals to your customers. You’ll have a deeper understanding of what motivates your customers and vendors to do business with you by knowing what emotionally and logically triggers their buying decisions.

Design & Development

Using the brand language and strategy as a blueprint, your branding agency should work with you to develop beautiful and effective collateral materials to tell your story, convert sales and create new customer connections. All designs should be intentional and carefully crafted with your goals in mind for the greatest outcome.

Training & Implementation

After your branding agency has done their magic, you will want a plan for your brand rollout that includes training your staff, communicating with your customers and informing the public of any positioning shifts, new brand architecture or strategies.


Remember that any branding agency that your manufacturing firm partners with should be most focused on helping you grow your brand. They should be willing to listen, to ask good questions and to know and understand your specific goals for growth. The relationship should extend well beyond the brand design phase into ongoing brand management or support, including ongoing strategy and planning meetings to continue cultivating the brand in the market.

If are ready to take your manufacturing brand to the next level, work with the experts. Kudzu Brands has partnered with various companies in this field to build or refresh their brand and improve how they tell their story.  Schedule a consultation – Call (828) 357-8350 or email