Promotional Items and Giveaways such as brochures

Getting your brand into your clients’ hands with promotional products

One of the concepts we talk about frequently with our clients at Kudzu Brands is the idea of seeing your brand everywhere. Not only do we mean all over the internet with social media and ads, but it can also mean having your brand walking the streets in the hands of your clients.

Branded Promotional Items

Giving your clients and consumers something they can feel and hold and keep with them, allows your brand to go from something they heard or saw in passing, to something they see everyday. It allows you to connect with them in a more meaningful way. To provide them with something useful for everyday, so that when they need your services or product, you will be the one they remember to come to.

The trouble with branded, promotional items is having a product that people actually want to pick up and take home and keep and use –  one that has value to them. While branded, promotional items have been around for a long time, times have certainly changed. Perhaps, people aren’t coming into your store or office with the same frequency as they used to, and the items people are wanting are definitely changing. Can you imagine what people would have thought if you’d had masks with your logo sitting on the receptionist’s desk for the taking, just a year ago? Now, people will scoop those up!

Just as all your marketing tactics and strategies have likely shifted or changed during this time, the strategy behind what to distribute and where has changed as well.

Now more than ever, people want to see that your business cares for them. Having items to give out that meets a need are a great way to show them your support and not just giving them the product or service your business provides.


Promotional Product ideas: 

During this time, people are wanting to be “self-contained” and not have to rely on the use of any shared items. Anything you can provide to aid in that solidarity will be seen as useful and actually desired by your consumers. For example:

  • Branded Water Bottles
  • Reusable Shopping Bags
  • Coffee Mugs or Tumblers
  • Branded Pens

In addition to useful items such as those, any products that aid in public safety also hold value. For example:

  • Branded Masks
  • Hand Sanitizer Bottles
  • Stickers or Signs of support for our “Pandemic Heroes”
  • No Contact Tools for Opening Doors and Pressing Buttons

Where to distribute? 

While you may not have clients or customers coming into your physical location as often, or maybe even not at all, there are still ways you can get your brand out into their hands.

If you are a store or office that is open and people are coming in, that is a great place to start. People may still feel wary of being out and about, but a simple gift from your company as they venture out would be a sign of support.

If you have smaller promotional items, consider sending them by mail along with some information about your business to your mailing list.

You can also consider using these items as a way to give back to your community by delivering items to places with essential or frontline workers.

Whatever items and distribution method you decide on, providing your clients and supporters a tangible reminder of your brand shows that you care and that you appreciate your customers continued business and support.

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