Designing the hierarchy and writing the copy for landing pages that convert doesn’t have to take an abundance of time or effort. You’ll need the physical pages, but you can develop that on your existing website or use a platform like Mailchimp or a free app such as Carrd

However, that technical aspect’s not what we’re covering today. We want to define the content you need on your landing pages. Because as you know, these days, content is Queen

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It’s Time I Stop Pretending. What Is a Landing Page?

This is a safe space, friends. Admitting what you don’t know is the first step.

A landing page has a single, crucial function. Its sole purpose is to drive traffic to a designated conversion. Determine what your call to action (CTA) is and structure your page to achieve that single goal. That’s how you’ll measure the success of your architecture and conversion.

What Kind of Conversion Makes Sense?

This is a top-notch question and depends on many factors, primarily what kind of business you own. If you are a retail e-commerce company, consider a landing page with a CTA dedicated to SHOP NOW. If you’re a local brick and mortar kitchen gear store that loves sharing recipes and luring people in the door with sales, focus your CTA efforts on an email newsletter sign-up. Other conversions include form-fills and free downloads.

“What makes your offer unique? Have you used it? What did it do for you?”

If You Build Landing Pages, They Will Come

Ok, but how do your users get to your landing page? Yet another brilliant question. There are many ingenious (and easy) ways to draw people into your clever conversion web. These include:

  • Make the most of your email list. Send a targeted email campaign that includes the link and encourages your audience to click. 
  • Use the power of your social media platforms. Include the link in your captions and your Linktree account. 
  • Increase your SEO by preparing a blog that sneaks in your landing page information. 
  • Optimize the heck out of your landing page so that it will rank in organic search.  
  • Develop a Google Ads campaign to drive traffic and conversions. 

You don’t have to implement all of these suggestions by any means. But, by using a combination of 2 or 3, you’re more likely to gain traction and conversions. 

Your Landing Page Must Look and Sound Engaging

From your own experience, do you stay on a webpage that looks and reads like garbage? No. No, you don’t. So, don’t make one that looks that way! You want a pleasing and easy design on the eyes, and you need captivating and compelling copy. 

What probably comes as a giant relief to many is that you don’t have to be a professional writer to make a landing page that converts. Follow some general copywriting suggestions like establishing your value proposition, including emotion, being persuasive, and always writing with your audience in mind, and you’re halfway there. 

“Why wouldn’t I do this? I don’t have the time? I don’t have the money? Convince me otherwise with social proof!”

Page Hierarchy Matters to Your Audience

Subconsciously, the logical flow of your landing page plays a massive role in whether your page converts and meets your goal. It’s worth considering working backward the first or second time you create this marketing tool because your CTA is already determined. And sometimes, backward is fun. So much so that here is the reverse hierarchy:

5. Call to Action: What am I doing here? What is the goal?

4. Objections: Why wouldn’t I do this? I don’t have the time? I don’t have the money? Convince me otherwise with social proof!

3. Differentiators: What makes your offer unique? Have you used it? What did it do for you?

2. Benefits: So what? Why does your product matter to ME? What’s the value?

1. Pain Points: What are the problems your product solves?

You’ll want this all to flow naturally and include powerful headlines which will be easy to test when you use a free tool like CoSchedule’s Free Headline Analyzer. Make sure you use relevant images and keywords for those elements, as well. 

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Last Words about Landing Pages 

These are hardly the last words on the subject, but they’re sure enough to get you going. Remember that you don’t have to stick with one landing page. You can run A/B tests on the conversion of your choice or develop two or more campaigns. 

If you get stuck or want someone to do the heavy lifting for you, we’re here to help. Kudzu Brands loves building landing pages and writing copy that sells. Reach out for a free consultation. We’ll convert you.

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