For over ten years, we at Kudzu Brands have prided ourselves in not only our work for growing businesses in the Western North Carolina area but also on contributions to the communities we serve. Our agency is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes mature through branding and promotion. Through our scalable plan, we are able to grow and sustain all growing businesses thanks to our skills in graphic design, marketing, and branding strategy. Recently, we have been acknowledged for our exceptional contributions through this hard work in marketing research.

Clutch, a research firm located in Washington, DC, scours over thousands of companies and ranks them based on a multitude of different factors. Clutch’s goal is to help would-be clients find reliable partners to service their needs, and to help companies like Kudzu to stand out from the rest. Recently, Clutch has featured Kudzu in their growing branding and marketing research.

One of the key factors Clutch uses in their methodology is the company’s services offered and demonstrated focus in different media. We’re featured in Clutch’s branding and marketing segments, highlighting our expertise and knowledge in those fields.  

Another factor in Clutch’s rating system, and the most crucial, is the interview style conversations they conduct with clients. To no surprise to anyone familiar with Kudzu, the Kudzu client interviewed was extremely satisfied with our work. The client, an administrator at a local construction company, was impressed with our project management, saying that They’re right there, ready to answer any questions. They respond very well to feedback. If there’s something we prefer not to do, they’re fine with that and back away.” She went on to say that our best attributes are our “communication, timeliness, and responsiveness,” and that there was nothing we could improve upon.

“Agencies on our site are examined strictly based on their clients, past experience, demonstrated excellence in their work, and client service,” said Kimmie Champlin, Clutch analyst. “Kudzu Brands’ presence on our platform and stellar 5-star review showcase the contributions, hard work, and results flowing from this small agency.”