Kudzu Brands interprets Budweiser's decision to rename its beer bottles and cans "America."


America in a Can? Budweiser Changes Its Name

America in a Can? Budweiser Changes Its Name

Budweiser Renames Itself America

From May 23 until the November election, you can drink a can of America. Budweiser will change the names on their cans and bottles to “America.” Yes. The name of our very country will be written proudly and boldly in the same swirly aesthetic of the Budweiser font. The faux rebranding went further:

  • “King of Beers”  was changed to “E Pluribus Unum”
  • “The World Renowned” is now “Land of the Free”
  • “Anheuser-Busch, Inc.” became  “Liberty & Justice for All”

America in a Can
Here at Kudzu Brands, we’re impressed with Budweiser’s commitment “to inspire drinkers to celebrate America and Budweiser’s shared values of freedom and authenticity.” What we can’t decide is if the temporary rebranding is brilliant or foolhardy. 
Let’s break it down. When developing a successful brand, the following must always be considered;

Emotional Resonation & Every Possible Connotation of the Words Used

When choosing a name for a business or product, you should consider every possible connotation of the word. To state the obvious: Donald Trump’s America is vastly different from Bernie Sander’s America. So, there are different perceptions of words, as well. Additionally, you must consider how people feel about your brand.  I may view Budweiser beer as not worthy of washing the mud off my boots. While you may think it really is the King of Beers! Either way, you may or may not want to pair the two together without risking public outcry and even boycotts (think Starbucks removing Merry Christmas from their cups). We always encourage our clients to proceed with caution when associating any words (or not) with your brand.

Know Your Audience

Good brands know their audience. So, we have to assume that Budweiser feels strongly that their audience feels pretty good about drinking from the cup of our forefathers-or associating watered down hops with the land of the free and the home of the brave. We’re not so sure but, we’re open to the idea that millions of people are cool with that. See point #3.

Always Be Testing

A key component of marketing is “always be testing.” Anheuser-Busch has the brand equity and budget to experiment. But, we think this one does score high on the risk scale. It’s no secret our country is quite polarized in regards to politics and, even patriotism right now. We are interested to see if this marketing gimmick is perceived as worthy of cracking beer to or makes people want to break a bottle and start a bar fight.

If nothing else, Budweiser’s new America cans have created a media storm. If you’re a business owner considering rebranding, please give us a call.