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It’s Not How Good You Are….

It’s Not How Good You Are….

It’s how good you want to be.

I have this quote, from the book written by Paul Arden, pinned up above my desk. It is my gentle, daily reminder whenever I get that old familiar tight feeling that my business is not growing as fast as I want, or worse, when I see someone else’s business growing faster.

I had a business coach tell me once that this awful tight feeling is actually a good sign. It is a sign that I am ready to grow. What I am feeling is the discomfort of my “growing edge”.

Now when I get the discomfort, I take a moment to analyze what triggered it. Where do I want to grow? Did my competition land the contract I really wanted? Did another marketing firm received an award? Did I see some fantastic design work I want to emulate? Instead of getting down, I think up…to my next step. What can I do better next time? What can my firm do to take our design skills to the next level? What classes can I take to improve my leadership skills? I then make a list of all the pro-active steps I can take to have a better chance at success the next time.

Conquering Overwhelm

Being pro-active sounds a lot easier than it is. Often, I put so many improvements on my pro-active list, I can take no movement at all. I become paralyzed by the enormity of all that I have to do (and learn!) to improve my business-to get where I am growing.

According to the book, The Magic Lamp, Goal Setting for People Who Hate Setting Goals, by Keith Ellis, the key is to start small. “Instead of trying to complete your goals in a single day, focus on s single step, the smallest step you can think of. The moment you take action-any action-you will conquer inertia.”

I’m Sorry, I’m Too Busy, I Can’t Grow..

A profitable field of crops doesn’t grow in a day, and it doesn’t grow on it’s own. It requires many hands tending, cultivating and many eyes and minds forecasting. As a business owner, you are probably spending a lot more time working in your business than on it. The thought of setting goals (much less accomplishing them!) may be laughable to you. Therefore, I recommend that you get help. I work with a business coach monthly. She helps me see the forest for the trees, or the kudzu. to get where I am growing. She forces me to take time out, to feel that growing edge and to let it motivate me to take those next steps. She also helps me organize all those steps-which is the most important part.

Oh the Places You’ll Grow

How good do you want to be? Can you feel the discomfort of your growing edge? Are you ready to let that motivate you to your next steps? Are you going to let anyone but YOU win that award next year??

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