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Stand By Your Brand

Stand By Your Brand

Sometimes its hard to be in business. But, if you love it, oh, be proud of it. Cuz after all, it’s just your brand.

There was a time you were so passionate about your business. You couldn’t get enough of it. There was nothing you wanted to do more than work at it, talk about it, improve it. Now, after a few years, you are tired and frustrated. Your business just isn’t producing like you thought it would. Everything about it feels dull and worn out. Even the sign outside has lost its glow. Some days you would just rather just stay in bed and eat ice cream.

To bring back the love, we recommend you take a look at your brand.

Branding…again (?!)

We get it. There are many myths surrounding this mystical word branding.  Most small business owners either don’t understand it or don’t think they need it. If they do understand it, they don’t think they can afford to do it. Some think if are providing a good product and a good service, what else is there?  Others say, “I already have a logo”.

Repeat after me: You do need it. You can afford it (you can’t afford not to do it). It is not a logo. And, it is the best way to revive your relationship with your business.

Get Acquainted

Branding is the most critical component of your business. Once you get clear on your brand, not only will you love your business again, so will your customers!

Branding is how you effectively communicate exactly what makes your business unique. It is everything from your story to the experience customers have when they enter your business or visit your website. It is your culture; the very cells of your business. It is how you think, how your employees think and, in turn, how your customers feel about you. Good branding is what endears your customers to you and ensures they will think of you first and feel the best about your business. In short, it is why you fell in love with your business and how you make your customers fall in love with you.

Put Your Arms Around It

Once you clearly define your brand, you must stand by it, love it, protect it, and nurture it. You must share it consistently and frequently…for as long as you are in business. You must shout your love for your brand from the rooftops!

Warning! There are a few ways you can cheat on your brand. You can question it, doubt it, be inconsistent with it. You can allow your staff to put together marketing materials that aren’t in line with it. You can neglect to train your staff to protect it. It’s gotta be a group love kind of thing. For example, you might think you are a business that specializes in providing white glove foreign car service and your employees could think you give over-priced oil changes. Yikes.

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Ask your employees (and best customers) the following questions:

1. What does our business do?

2. Why do we do it?

3. What is our unique selling proposition (what do we offer that no one else does or can)?

If each respondent does not answer these three questions in pretty much the same way, you are in danger of stepping out on your brand.

Do We Need Therapy?

If your employees, or worse, your customers, have no idea who you are, what you do or why you do it,  don’t break up with your brand…just yet. It could be that you just need a little one-on-one time. Working with a branding agency like Kudzu Branding Co. for a little brand TLC, might be just what you need to bring back the spark.  It is so easy to spend all of your time working in your business instead of on it. But, this is exactly what can make you so tired and ready to call it quits. Take a little time out to remember who you are, what you do, why you do it and exactly what makes your business so unique. Taking this time is like sending your business (and your bank account) a big box of chocolate and Valentine’s Card.  Go on, remember exactly why you feel in love in the first place.

To schedule your brand counseling session, contact brand specialist Murphy Funkhouser Capps at Kudzu Branding Co. by emailing Visit our website at


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