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Take a Hike, Have a Beer: Telling Your Brand Story

Take a Hike, Have a Beer: Telling Your Brand Story

To capture the brand story of a business, sometimes you have to go hiking and have a beer.

When we begin our branding process, our clients come in for what we call a discovery session.  During this process, we dig deep to discover the who, what, why and how of their business. We then sift through the information they give us to help them write their brand story.

Stories are so important in marketing. Stories make people feel…they provide the emotional tethers that connect your potential customers to you. The goal of branding is to be the first business your customers  think of and the one they feel the best about. In short, people want to do business with people that they like. A good story makes you relatable…and, most importantly, likable.

How to tell your story?

Show Don’t Tell

Your business is you and the other people in it. We suggest that you hire a photographer and put yourself and your staff in a comfortable, natural setting. Encourage everyone to interact as they normally would. The spirit of your business will shine through.

You, my friend, are a character

Who are you? What is your back story? Why are you in business? The more specific you can be about  your story, the more universal it will become. Share your story on our website, and in your collateral. Your truth  will be endearing. One warning: Unless you are a non-profit working with kittens, steer clear of sob stories. You want people to relate to you, not donate to you.

Frequency, Consistency and Emotional Anchoring

The three keys to successful branding are frequency, consistency and emotional anchoring.  Craft your story and then tell it frequently and consistently every day your doors  are open. Are you passionate about your health food business because several people in your family have struggled with diabetes? Tell that story. Did you dream of being a builder since you built a tree house with your Dad? Did it mean something that he insisted on using only the best materials and that your tree house is still standing to this day? Tell that story.

Asheville’s Keller Williams Team Browne is superb group real estate professionals. During their discovery process, we learned that they trail run every morning. We also learned that they love good music and a good beer and that they truly value that Asheville thrives in both of these areas. They want to work with clients who posses the same values. To capture the organic personality of their team, Kudzu followed them on a hike and then out for a beer.

See highlights from our photo shoot for the Team Browne brochure taken on Kitasuma trail and at Pisgah Brewing Co. below.

Then, see how the photos came together with their updated branding and new collateral by clicking here:

Kudzu Branding Co. is committed to seeing your business, everywhere. You can use Kudzu for a single graphic design or website project, but we are at our best when working as a brand ambassador for all of your marketing projects. From developing your identity or designing your website or collateral, we love what we do and it shows in everything we do for you. Email to receive a quote for your business. We offer small businesses a one-hour Growth Spurt Consultation for $250. We promise you will leave this consulting session with at least one idea to grow your business. Contact us here.

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