AdLib Clothing

AdLib Clothing

AdLib Clothing

Redressing AdLib Clothing – Brand Messaging, Logo, and Photography Refresh.

Creating a fun, fresh brand targeted to the client’s ideal customer increased confidence and sales!

I’ve been so impressed by Kudzu’s work for Adlib,  The new look and image you’ve created for Adlib is just what it needed and better than I had hoped for! I look forward to pursuing the promotional ideas we’ve discussed and I can’t wait to get it all ‘out there!-Anna Sagel, Adlib owner

Big Idea

Adlib is a legacy Asheville clothing brand that provides not only eclectic women’s clothes, but a unique shopping experience. They sought to uplift their brand aesthetic in a way that kept them fresh and relevant as well as attracted new customers. Struggling with whether they should diversify lines to target younger shoppers, owner Anna admitted that her passion was in helping “more mature” female shoppers look as good and as confident as they feel. She hoped to gear her brand more toward this market while continuing to cater to her current audience. 


Kudzu Brands created a fun, fresh and current brand that specifically targeted the brand’s ideal client: A savvy, more mature woman who wants to look as good and as confident as she feels. A modern brand was designed to reflect Ad Lib’s creative and eclectic clothing as well as their environmentally conscious business practices. 


Adlib was able to achieve a refreshed and modern brand that succeeded in targeting their ideal audience. By identifying their niche, this small boutique shop experienced an increase in confidence and sales!

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Project Details:

Branding , Copywriting , Graphic Design , Logos , Photography , Print